Ice Cream

First off, Close your eyes
Now imagine yourself as ice cream
Setting on top of a cone
Nice and sweet like

Keep your eyes close
Picture yourself being in a hot
Summery day
Melting all over

Think about a strong hand
Grasping you tight
Never going to release you
You are so secure to his palm

All he can think about
Is tasting your sweetness
Licking you from front to back
As you drip upon his hands

That soft sponge from his mouth
Catches your every drop
Of your creaminess
Damn! You’re edible

Remember he can’t
Get enough of your soft serve
Smacking his lips at every taste
Damn! You taste so good

The heat from his mouth
Makes you softer
And very sticky
Spilling all over him

But he can handle it
He’s been craving
This awesome ass sugar rush
Stopping at nothing

Until he finishes what he has started
Devouring your every flavor
You have to offer
Always remember you are ice cream

That perfect solution
To a cool gloomy day
Or a hot moody evening
Relaxing he restless taste buds

© 2011

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Filed under Love, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Sexy

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