I love to be called black
Because I exist everywhere
So, let me break this word down
Trust me, you will feel me
First off, when you wear me

I make you look slim
Feel sharp and formal
Polished, clean
A straight stargazer
When you close your eyes

I am there helping you sleep, dream
You watch movies in me
You sometimes have sex with me
Do you know I set the mood?
If I had freckles

It will be like looking at the night sky
Shit, I am infinite
Thee alpha and omega
Galaxies rotate with me
I give life

As when you were in a womb
I know you felt secure
Being so close to your mother
I embrace your death
I am the last thing see before

Being called to the creator
Call me black
I absorb light
I even locker your stench
Do you know when

Light is at cha back
I am in front of you
I am your shadow
You cannot get rid of me
I follow you everywhere or do you follow me?

Are you aware?
Bring you close GOD
So bitches call me black
Blacker, blacken, blackest
All language are written with me

I go with everything
In addition,
I am year round
My season never end
Everlasting color

So call me,

© 2011


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