Ur First Time

Do you remember your first time?
The time your eyes opened up
That walk, that talk that made you shake
Making your heart skip a beat upon request

Maybe the first time your hands held
Connecting with the passion of two full moons
Glowing off the ocean like a blazing fire
Attaching the skins together in harmony

Think about the first time you kissed
Your lips touched
Igniting a lust for each other’s soft talkers
To merge once more

The first time their hands roamed your being
On a endless adventure
Discovering new islands of pleasure
That crippled your body

What about the first time
Their mouth and tongue got close
Close enough that the hot air
Made wind tunnels on you curves

Remember the first time
They made you drip
Drip with endless juices
That aroused your senses

Or maybe the first time
They spoke quietly in your ear
Giving you an ear-gasm
Corrupting your mind with dirty ideas

Now think about the first time
They made love to you
Fulfilling your every desire
Bursting endless passion from your remains

Picture the first time
They pressed against you
With so much delight
Your legs trembled, wanting more

Imagine the first time
They danced with you
In a thrusting motion
Pushing you closer to your maximum

Envision the first time
Ya’ll breathe in unison
Connecting your secret souls
Like a religious enlightenment

Foresee the first time
They made you feel like
Your body grasped paradise
More than once

Because without the first time
Memories are nothing
But empty spaces
For past stories, not pleasures

© 2011


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