13 – GOD Like

I am GOD like
Having power to see many futures
And every past
Processing the talent
To heal the minds and soul
With prophet abilities
My words I speak
Take control of the mental
Forcing spirits to travel
In the deep cavities of the brain
My philosophies are like white blood cells
Fighting off those immoral thoughts
Building an absolute immune system

Destroying all those negative impulses
I was made in his image
Went looking at me
You see the spiritual being
Manifested in flesh and bone
The living initiative to communicate
Becoming 1 spirit, 1 vessel, 1 being
Releasing the knowledge bestowed
Giving away the mass foresight
To see it
I am it
Do you feel my power?
Having you wonder

Am I from this plant?
Is this my life?
There is an ending
Recycling the existence is needed
The path has been chosen
I am GOD like
Lifting the essence of man
Reinforcing every known purity
Shaping as a creator
A constructor
An artist
A painter
Releasing the seeds of beginning

Forming the one single image
Upholding that balance

© 2011


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Filed under Guidance, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

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