This is a fantasy
Close your eyes and picture
This dream, this idea
It is so beautiful
So moving, the passion
See this as a concept
Concept of the mind

Therefore; you have to think
Picture the qualities
Of these words
Imagine a slight stroke
That touches your hair
With tenderness
You welcome this softness

Because it understands you
You know
You are a beautiful creature
It is a sin
To look away
One must accept the ecstasy
Of looking into your eyes

The power of your sight
Makes a man crumble
But never gives up
Because the hope is infinite
So is the enthusiasm
Of knowing ones being
Can be touch by another

Now close your eyes again
And feel this saucy touch
As it caress’ your soul
Making your teeth chatter endlessly
But you are not cold or cool
And you still get the chills
Goose bump cover your outer layer

Making you vulnerable
But you want to be
Inviting the pleasure in
Because you want that touch
You feel that touch
You love that touch
Of beauty

© 2011


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Filed under Dreams, Love, Passion, Poetry

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