Finding the Courage

He knows that when she is the one
Damn, it appears on his face
Then his teeth chatter
With a nervous action
Pausing his thoughts

However, that did not stop him
He is determine to get what he wants
Now he thinks
With long exhausting thoughts
His eyes race her body

Like a one eyed pirate on a treasure map
Looking for the X that marks the spot
Man, she is fine as fresh brewed wine
But there isn’t nothing but time on his hands
He built up the strength to walk

In addition, his legs did not move
Still and stiff he stands
With his hands too his side
Evaluating his approach
Calculating the next move

Stepping slowly to her
The motion is freighting him
Therefore, he holds back
However, that did not stop him
Now his skin feels the fear

Sweating like a monsoon
His pours is leaking at a massive pace
Now there is a sign of sigh
His mind starts to talk to you
Boy, he had better go get her

Grow some balls
Some nadz
Some marbles
Ok, he says to himself
Do not be scared

He walks over there with confidence
Ready to open up some of the tightest scripture
He can ever release on a woman
He tapped her shoulder
She turned a rounded

The conversation began like a normal one
One trying to impress the other
Smiles and grins
You know, like that grammar school stuff
It seems like he was about to get the number

Man he is convincing
Trying to be sly
With his words
Nevertheless, he is scared
Trembling with anxiety

He finally found the courage to ask her out!

© 2011


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