Traveling with a Singular Purpose

Understanding the motion
Of that thing called life
Touching the reality of a truth
Feel a strong vibe
The energy from the heart

Powerful unsung pictures
Describing the images
From mind illusions
Having everything drawn
Doubting your brain

Listen to these sonnets
Being preached as scriptures
Sensible like to all
Caressing the ideas
Thoughts of forever

Moving so swift
Like the speed of light
Piercing the being
Shaking the soul heavily
Quaking with the intense

That intense feeling
Rethinking religious change
Believing in this
This passion of delight
Accepting the exactness

Of an ism
Forcing changes of wants
Of dreams
Of satisfaction
Damn, this cold act of everlasting

© 2011


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Filed under Passion, Poetry, Uplifting

One response to “Traveling with a Singular Purpose

  1. ~L

    Like! Can’t wait to read more of your work:)

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