Alone with Selfish Demons

Dusk has arisen
With extra gloom
Displaying walking negativity
Dancing throughout the streets
Thinking of the travel
Starting a hike in this crazed hood
With corners holding
Shadows of deception

The door opens with a slowness
To begin the trudge
Foreseeing that grueling distance
With streetlights no more
As the moon rays cut
The darkness as a razor
Squinting to see the way
Mapping the path

Evil is lurking as a group
Diablo is touching the heart
Pumping the chest full of adrenaline
Stopping the reasoning
Taking the mind to a dark center
A killer’s essences
An assassin of an innocent soul
Pulling the spirit from a being that exist

This is no dream
But a reality of hatred
Grasping that pounding urge
With a racing brain
Fighting the ideas
If doing it will help
Understanding nothing will deny
Smelling fresh blood

Tasting the ability to hold a life force
Flipping a coin
Electing with a conclusion
Battles of life and death
Should it happen or
Shouldn’t it happen
The cards have been dealt
Portraits of a killer

Having a strong hold of the blade
As the images of wrist
Being severed as bracelets
Spilling the body’s water
Kicking the morality away
Because of the lingering blackness
Wrestling with that impulse
To force a being to sleep forever

Looking over the body
As it lay motionless
Seeing the damage that has been created
The hands are damp with warm redness
It’s hard to focus the eyes
From being overwhelmed with rage
A final outcome
Has stepped forward

Judgment is upon the area
Second thoughts have arrived in the mind
Ogling at the mass that lye
Tears originating from the face
Understanding what has been seen
This must be a mistake
Replaying the hold scenario
Realizing you killed yourself

© 2011

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39 responses to “Alone with Selfish Demons

  1. A.B. Thomas

    What a dynamic and power injected write – I enjoyed it immensely

  2. inner struggle against outside forces collide, and the thoughts you inked well Blaque… intense piece

  3. WoW! The flow of this is amazing and the twist at the end…nicely done!

  4. Theodore Anderson

    Dam Rufus where this come from I really like the poem very deep keep going a real talent.

  5. Wow, the writing was great. That’s some deep stuff…

  6. This poem reveals the universality of our unique lonely pain, each and every one of us. Can we allow ourselves to get out? Very beautiful in its darkness.

    • Thank you, I believe every person has a darkness within themselves, the toughness thing is to control those negative thoughts that cloud the mind, and this is my way of locking those ideas in words to be read.

  7. You give provocative words to such a brutal act and the spin at the end was outstanding. I thought of telling you some of my favorite lines, yet there were too many to just point out a few and leave out the others. Great write ~ Rose

  8. A.B. Thomas

    Great flow and intrapersonal reflective wording that just lets the images, though indeed dark, explode vividly into the mind – I enjoyed the read!

  9. noneotherqueenki

    Very good, the realism paints a vivid picture. Last line, is a surprise.

  10. Ebonie

    I like this poem for some reason it reminds me of a vampire that feeds for the first time and loses its mortality. At one point in the poem it started to get slow but I could still follow the demon through the story its more like the opening to a play than a poem. Great job

  11. What a strong poem! Bless U in your effort to battle your demons!

  12. Pingback: On a Sleepless, Dreamless Night « Cradle of Cicadas

  13. Yes, we do battle our own demons constantly. I actually used to think that there’d be a break in there somewhere but I’m not so sure.

    A well-written, well-expressed piece.

    Ms. Queenly

  14. “Heaven or hell” as someone said, “is a state of mind”. Life as we know it is not always “sunshine and rainbows” and it takes strength and character to be able to portray the dark that looms in the hearts, sometimes everso often.
    You did a hugely cool job with this poem mate!

  15. Miki

    What a great piece of art! Love the imagery and the words you use to depict it. Inner demons are not always evil, despite what the world tells us!


  16. Wow. Love the fact it can be read either as murder or self harm. Beautiful way of portraying a brutal subject. Stilled me.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  17. I agree with others on your comments, this poem does show the evil that may lurk within…or the good should we turn the key of love. This poem is indeed very deep and truthful, as it sounds…It sounded so real I am only hoping the suggestion was never acted upon. Great piece of work. Stay Creative! Your blog deserves a second look.

    • I idea was never been acted on, I let my mind take over sometimes, visualizing the whole description. Yes, I understand the my blog needs work, it is work in progress, thank you very much for your kind words

  18. welcome…

    amazing word flow…blessings….

  19. Thanks for the visit and lovely comment. This is very dark and ominous. It shows how we can be either good or evil, depending on which path we permit our minds to travel.
    Very deep and very truthful prose. Sometimes the biggest demons we have to face are, our own.

  20. Dark, gritty, and powerful great job!

  21. ALIVE aLwaYs

    Empty mind, huh, devils home!
    Great work of throwing light to the darkness lurking besides us via the poem

  22. A poem on loneliness!! Can relate many things…beautifully portrayed ❤

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