Naked (Forced Bare)

I have been stripped
All my dreams have stolen
Take them all
Ripping the layers from me
Leaving my body wanting

I have no aspirations
They have been forced yonder
I’m fighting for some dignity
Grasping the threads
That hinges my being

Stop! Do you see my embarrassing pain?
I am bare
Falling to my knees
Begging for forgiveness

Do you hear my screams?
Please, no more!
I concede to
Accepting the ignorance
I share for the world to see
With thunderest tears I cry out

Please don’t dress me
With the knowledge of my twice over failures
Please, no more!
I am listening
With my spirit that been

Washed away of many falsehoods
You have exposed my bosom
Branded me with the shame
Of wearing myself, it’s too much
I can’t endure this waking feel of regret

Please, Please stop no more!

© 2011



Filed under Darkness, Guidance, Pain, Poetry, Uplifting

10 responses to “Naked (Forced Bare)

  1. ~L

    !!!!!!!!! As I read this I felt the anger, sadness, desperation,loneliness and your honest heat….

    My last post I wrote I think has the same theme. Feel like I can some what relate with your words!

    Beautifully written…

  2. wow, very raw. You are very brave in exposing your feelings and thoughts through your poetry. Very intense. I love the few that I’ve read so far. Keep up the good job.

  3. Very intense, bare and brave poetry!!…. You have depicted the myriad times we try, but find it difficult to listen to what our soul needs as we speak to a place (other people or our physical world) for self forgiveness and understanding instead of our deep heart.
    Very wrenchingly beautiful.

  4. forced bare…
    i feel this poem.
    well done!

  5. Just how I am now…great writing !

  6. I had tears as I read. Well written, amazing delivery!

  7. Very emotional… Being stripped of your beliefs and goals is the hardest thing that can happen to a person. You should never let anyone steal that from you. Be strong! Great, powerful work 🙂

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