Listen for Love’s Calling

Here something new I wrote to show that everything is not dark and gloomy in my eyes.

As the sounds, that spreads out
The ears try to understand the pattern
Figuring out the main direction
But the words are disguised
And very noticeable

Is your mind playing tricks
Or is it allows you to understand
Forcing you to picture that future
The possible of satisfaction
A complete absolution

However, you notice that it is an alert
Calling for your attention
You answer with a light sounds
Making the voice became actual
Aiming straight toward your being

As you direct, the faint possibilities
Wondering of the grand great idea
Of connecting with one singular thought
Bringing out your passionate following
Because of that worship of lust
Now listen for love’s calling

Begging you for your audience
Knowing that it’s excellent
An impossible impasse
That satisfies the soul
Forming a massive depiction

Of that all-knowing concept
A distraction of your wanting
Pulling the togetherness
Of a single impression
Of listening for love’s calling

© 2011




Filed under Guidance, Love, Passion, Poetry, Uplifting

5 responses to “Listen for Love’s Calling

  1. ~L

    This left me (no word). This is really good! I’m enjoying reading your work…

  2. I really enjoyed this, it had such a beautiful flow and a well thought out presentation of one thought moving toward the next.

    I snickered when I read your caption above the poem. I also tend to write a lot of doom, gloom, and darkness, but on occassion a ray of light shines through. I wonder if that balance is what keeps a dreary poet like me sane.

  3. Ina

    Words of wisdom here! 🙂

  4. I like this one, nice flow

    • Thank you broham, I check out your website, your artwork is beautiful and colorful. I don’t know if you realize how much I improved in my writing since college. Now when I write it like telling a story, I also been working on a book so keep checking in, I write something new just about everyday.

      Peace, Love and Hair Grease

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