Magic Touch

My finger are as light as air
Gliding across your surface
Giving an ultimate rise
Erecting the hairs on your neck
As I feel your pressures
Slightly like a whisper

Your body is like candy
Sweet and oooh so tasty
My tongue waters
For the yumminess of you
I want your love juices
Urging to connect with your pours

Do you feel that passion
Of that bountiful love
Of a gentle nibble
Along the back of your neck
Checking your blood’s temperature
As a doctor of excitement

With my lips being a tool
Can you feel these damp cushions
On my passionate face
Accepting my emotions
Intensifying your existence
With a tender glaze

© 2011



Filed under Dreams, Love, Passion, Poetry

2 responses to “Magic Touch

  1. Very passionate indeed.

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