Essences of a Lonely Heart

I have witnessed the knowing of a lonely heart
One that have none, no ability to heal themselves
Desperate with long dreadful tears
A lengthy sobbing
That entranced the world’s pain
An audience of every watery drop of eye liquid

I recite this tale to you to warn you
Of being engulfed by these irregular moods
Cause I’ve seen the malicious lurking’s
That independent separation of soullessness
Clutching that emptiness of that all-knowing feeling
I plead for you

To open your ears to these psalms
This siren of exact hope
Listing the agony of another
Displaying a vivid depiction
Transforming someone’s imagery
Into a manuscript of un-ignorance

Do not disregard my immeasurable fable
As I inscribe you mind with lasting knowledge
To embrace that lost spirit
That has begun an exploration of self repentance
Walking pointlessly into a gapping whole
Of un-appreciation and self-confusion

We must be soldiers of compassion
Mobilizing our energies
Giving those mislead beings vigor
Destroying walls of unfitting obscurity
Pulling them close to you, giving them your all
So, I’ve seen the Essences of a Lonely Heart

© 2011

Promising Poets Parking Lot

Perfect Poet Award Week 45



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39 responses to “Essences of a Lonely Heart

  1. WOW! What an awesome piece. Kudos!!

  2. I really enjoyed the last stanza. Great writing!

  3. Just beautiful!!!! Well done!

  4. This is weighted with sadness … a tale, I hope, from someone who’s now on the other side of pain. A beautiful read 🙂

  5. Liked the way you’ve presented the loneliness of heart…
    More or less even mine deals with love…I am surprised how situations vary in the view of different people….Pls visit my blog and give your valuable comment…

  6. Beautiful compassion in these words. Nice write ~ Rose

  7. Damn! This was painful and beautiful and perfect. Definitely one of the best I have read this week. Just …a speechless wow.

  8. you have touched the very aspect of being a lonely heart…. understanding such pain is in itself very painful….

  9. TC

    WOW! what a powerful peice. I’m hugely impressed with your work. I also really like your sketch on the header of your blog, ”from the soul”

  10. Wonderful and heartfelt. Deeply moving. Thank yoi for sharing.

  11. Anyone whose known love has known heartache so this poem is something I and I am sure everyone can (or at some point) will be able to relate too. I love the message of compassion, lovely. Poignant poem I must think love is worth it for all the pain I put myself through in it’s name

  12. sometimes we delves ourselves too much on the pain. not seeing the lighter side of that pain…i am like that.

    this poem takes me back to my demise.
    well penned.

  13. Beautiful words and thoughts. I so enjoyed reading them.

  14. i guess the background picture of “from the soul” justifies your effort in the poetry.

  15. The world needs more compassion. Your prose if filled with both love and compassion for others. Your words soothe.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment today. 🙂

  16. Sam

    A poem with a Heart… well written Blaque…

  17. ~L

    I just read this again today…. Still one of my favorites this month!

  18. Very strong and occupying piece… Love the narration and the stunning choice of words. Keep it up! 😉

  19. i know this feeling oh so well, we have become aquainted over the months…sometimes i wish i had a time machine to move pass it…

  20. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom

    awesome write up! i love the flow. i feel the pain of loneliness. happy rally.

  21. Enjoyed reading your poem, so lovely.
    Have a nice day.

  22. I enjoyed this poem Blaque, I have been where this poem takes us and clearly am able to define the metaphoric parameters within this heartfelt essence of a lonely heart. Always Blaque, always remember which I am sure you already know, “speak kindly, and judge gently,” works miracles friend. Be blessed and stay creative.

    • Thank you, As always, I will never misjudge an individual’s opinion of art. That is not for me, I enjoy reading and being taking to places and emotions.

  23. compassionate words.

    very eloquent delivery.
    welcome back, have fun!

  24. Ah! Each line crafted with such fine strokes! Really impressed and pleased to read your poem.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog so that I found you.

    Best regards.

  25. I hear the song “owner of a lonely heart” and I want to hug this soul tight with compassion. These are your words that caused these sentiments in me. What a weaver of caring you are with your words. Very deep. Thanks for sharing!

  26. ~L

    Seriously one of the best posts I have every read! Lovely…. Truly lovely! … I’m now subscribing to your blog 🙂

  27. An intelligently and meticulously worded piece on loneliness and the easing of loneliness. Very nice.


  28. kagenohime

    The people who have fallen in the hole of loneliness don’t see that there is light. They are consumed in their world to see anything let a lone a person who wants to help them. Some just want to be left alone and let time heal them. Just guide them as you would a blind person. Since they are blind in a way. Or be like water underneather them, gently guiding them without their knowledge. I do like your poem.

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