Dedication to My Milagro

A miracle only comes once in a lifetime
Making wishes to shooting stars
Hoping a truth falls in my lap
Embracing that illustration
Imaging a real form

I received my Milagro
In the model of a 5’7”
Beautiful Goddess!
I worship the ground she travels
Fighting to be worthy of her love

Does she notice my passion?
Taking a back seat to her words
Allowing her to reign supreme
Conforming my colossal core
Shivering my whole being

Writing this does not show
How I truly adore you
The every aspect of you
Thinking of you brings
Euphoria to my spirit

I have my miracle
I wake up to that feeling everyday
Smiling inside, within myself
With enormous happiness
For you are my earth

Your presence gives me untamed pleasure
Piercing my heart with cupid’s arrow
My blood flowing for you
To confirm my wanting
Staring into my soul of desire

Starving for your everlasting gaze
To impregnate my humanity
Holding me forever in your eyes
Dancing a whimsical togetherness
She is my Milagro

© 2011


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One response to “Dedication to My Milagro

  1. Carrie

    Ru ~ I am so happy that Nysa has a wonderful person (despite your faults) that loves her as much as you do! Thank you for loving my bestie as much as you do!

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