Poetry Knight

As I read the parchment
Understanding the crusade has begun
My mind contemplates the distress
I’ve been preparing for this encounter
Repeating the strategies I’ve learned in training
Surviving this expedition will be rigid

But I am of royalty
With a sturdy blood line and titles
I’ve sired a son to continue my ancestry
So I must approach this origin
As my faith guides me true
Kneeling to ask for forgiveness for what will happen

The sun has rested above, before the sky turns red
I begin to lather my blade with holy oil
Arranging my armor and weaponry
Fore, this skirmish will be lengthy and treacherous
I recite the history verses
To allow me the knowledge of my adversaries

I’m on the battlefield of words
And my first foe is darkness
I pulled out my sword
Slashing at the blackness with steered direction
Writing every dark tale that fills my reason
Swinging back and fore with passion

As the madness takes control of my strokes
Inscribing words of terror and loss
The final blow pierces the gloom deep
Spilling its blood across this scroll
With a university of expressions
Knowing that this Poetry Knight slew Darkness

Before I can comprehend my victory
The Light place his foot into my bosom
Casting my body across the war torn ground
Grasping my chest, I elevated to my feet
Thrusting my sword forward stopping the attack
The Light charges toward my center

I swung my sword striking the tablet
With words of true enlightenment and guidance
Transcribing every term to its factual form
Letting my material glorify the eyes
I pivot my feet with a reverse gash
Finalizing with the final slice

Engraving miracles of lyrics
To the shredded document lying before me
As the dust settles on the field
I drop my sword to the earth knowing
That I am a Poetry Knight
And I’ve been anointed with the gift

To hold the mind in a map
Of images and situations of layers
Giving a gleam of an alternate reality
Where the realm could be whatever I choose
Allowing my vision to be recorded
In the essence of another

© 2011


Filed under Dreams, Honesty, Pain, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

18 responses to “Poetry Knight

  1. ~L

    wow… you are so very talented! I read this three times. I am still in awe and kinda speechless.

  2. Miki

    Great poem Mr. Blaque!

  3. You really are a Poetry Knight! Your images and words paint a fantastical picture, or rather a movie that sweeps the viewer of his/her feet! Great work!

  4. Nice one you have painted with words 🙂

  5. Poetry Knight,
    Such power in this poem. Wonderful set-up at the beginning with the historical/mythical parchment. I really enjoyed it.

  6. I like it especially the fourth stanza, I myself am eager to go back to the battlefield of words, nice imagery.

  7. Awesomely inspiring! Love the imagination in this story and the idea of the poetry knight… Guess that’s what we all are – poetry knights! 😉

  8. Very well done! Powerful and empowering imagery!

  9. With much grace and honour.

  10. awesome. very well done.

  11. Visually this is outstanding! I felt my chest lift while reading its nobility and grace!

  12. brilliant.

    relax yourself…Glad to see you share after a vacation.

  13. ~L

    Inspiring! Amazing! This poem holds power, courage, obedience, faith, love for light and truth… Loved it!

  14. birchtreepastor

    I really enjoy this concept of the poetry knight! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love this, those last two lines, the idea of poet as knight. Great job.

  16. Very powerful imagery! Yes well,I have always imagined a poet to be a valiant, ruthless knight on a sacred mission.You have captured the mood of the battle, the passion and heat of the moment so perfectly.Lovely flow!

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