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Discarded Without Hopes

Seven days has passed:
I can remember the days I felt useful
Dangling from your shoulders
Spreading warmth through your being
As you, clutch me on a brisk day
I frame you with passion and love
Hugging your jugular closely
As my colleagues worked with me
Giving heat to your consciousness
And comfort to your extremities

Fourteen days has passed:
Resting amongst the wilderness
I weep of knowing, I will never be whole again
This harsh land transformed my exterior
The foliage has camouflaged me
Disguising my outer layer
I have a dirty disposed feel now
Nevertheless, I lay here effortless to move
If you were looking
I am hidden quite well

Twenty-one days has passed:
Can anyone hear the sighs of my loneliness?
I have been with nature far too long
I feel like one of the druids of the earth
Someone please help me, I shriek with emotion
Find me, clean me, and convert me back
To glorious attire with purpose
Giving contentment to one without
I cry for the acceptance and approval
Locate my everything please

Thirty days has passed:
Damn you, you senseless bastard
Abandoning me with despair
I was not useful or useless
My craving was to embrace you
Secure your inner layer
However, you forgot me entirely
Mindlessly tossing me aside
Not putting forth the effort to inquire my whereabouts
Here I lay discarded without hopes

© 2012

Perfect Poet Award Week 60

I’m happy to accept the perfect poetry award for week 60, and I nominate Ankoku Hikaru


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