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Living With an Egocentric Creature

Humans come in many forms
Appearances and hues
With imbalances of the mind and body
It is hard to determine the stability
Of one’s outcome
Without cohabiting a singular journey
Have you felt this known strangeness?

Many days trace across the universe
Aging the thought process
To formulate a combine experience
That is not equal to the latter
The proverb mentioned togetherness
Fighting self-absorbed and faceless
With upfront falsehoods

Spewing words that lacerate
The psychological braces of the consciousness
Not noticing the fresh springs of the eyes
As the aquatic travels the falls of the lids
Answers are feuded with potency
Poisoning the words as they dance
Across the brain drums of a separate

Self-appraisal is at a distinctive feat
Assuming that conflict has been coincided
Only to have the lyrics wedged
With a reversal of sonnet’s projectiles
Piercing the stoned muscle
Incased in red liquid and harden tissue
Remorse is for the feeble

The turmoil of peasant concentration
Not knowledgeable of the progression
Struggling away the reality
Forcing the guilt of an alternative
Sightless to the compassion
That restores the equilibrium
Of an egocentric creature

© 2012


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