Obscure vs. Graceful

Damn the world and all its wonders
Burn everything that stands
Destroying the barricades
Let my evilness through
Recognize the purity of death

Glorify all that is living
Watch the beauty of the earth
Rebirth of life shining
The aging enlightenment
From wonders that push through

Kill everything that moves
Having it beg for mercy
Because I’m absolute
Worship this idol
Of selfish greed

Let life progress
Smile at every waking endeavor
Allowing the passionate togetherness
Instilling a unified knowing
Of one’s spirited heart

© 2012


Filed under Darkness, Evil, Guidance, Honesty, Poetry, Powerful

19 responses to “Obscure vs. Graceful

  1. i love, “recognize the purity of death”… how true is that! It is not final really but, a rebirth. An awakening to all things new. We should not mourn the dead but rejoice in their freedom. Nice poignant pen!

    my latest:

  2. Excellent write,, love the style.

  3. Love the duality.
    Nice piece.

  4. ZQ

    very creative, interesting read

  5. it is wise to express
    by comparison and contrasts,

    beautifully delivered sentiments,
    Happy Rally.

  6. honest and brilliant,
    Glad to read you.


  7. Strong contrasts here. I love the originality of it!

  8. Nicely done. Loved the duality.

  9. lovely,

    keep it up,
    Happy Rally.

  10. The contrast is gripping… Let the light triumph over dark and have the last say!

  11. Whoa. The complete duality of this is stark even down to your use of the typeface. What can be read into the mindset that the negatives are anything but obscure, as it nearly overshadows the graceful? Maybe it’s because I’m in a good mood, but it was a graceful line that caught my eye first “Smile at every waking endeavor”. I think there’s a reason I saw that before everything else and I’m going to go with it.

  12. Cool.
    Love the duality of the piece.
    Nice write!

  13. Gives a hint of obscurity, but clever!
    Well written, thank you for sharing!
    -Erick F.

  14. bravo,

    worship selfish greed,
    and more.

    very stunning imagery.

  15. Very, very well done! I especially like how you shaded the words to convey the message 🙂

  16. Dammmmmmn! Awesome!!!!!!! Can hear the two voices … hear the snarl of the dark and the whispered loveliness of the light… awesome!

  17. compelling words bringing forth the challenge of duality. well penned ~ Rose

  18. ~L

    Blaque! I love this!

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