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“Uh-Huh” Love at First Sight

You know that she’s the one
When it appears on your face
Feeling your teeth chatter
With a nervous motion
Pausing your thoughts and actions

But that don’t stop you
You are determine to get what you want
Now you think
With long exhausting thoughts
Your eyes race her body

Like a one eyed pirate on a treasure map
Looking for the X that marks the spot
Man, she’s fine fresh brewed wine
But There nothing but time
You build up the strength to walk

And your legs will not move
Still and stiff you stand
With your hands too your side
Evaluating the approach
Calculating the next move

Stepping slowly to her being
The motion freighting you
So you back down
But that don’t stop you
Now your skin feels the fear

Sweating like a monsoon
Your pores are leaking at a massive pace
Now there’s a sign of sigh
Your mind starts to talk to you
Boy you better go get her

© 2012

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