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“Uh-Huh” Love at First Sight (continues)

Grow some balls
Some nadz
Some marbles
Ok, you said to yourself
Don’t be scared

You walk over to her with confidence
Ready to open up some of the tightest scripture
You can ever release on a woman
You tap on her shoulder
She turns around “pause”

The conversation begins like a normal one
Trying to impress one another
Smiles and grinning
You know, like that grammar school stuff
It seems like you was about to get her number

Staring with the intent to speak
Nothing comes out
It is that fear of known uncertainty
That unsure feeling is showing
In your movements

You feel so heavy
Like your body is becoming iron
Copper, standing in one place
Like a 14 century sculpture
Eyes glazed for love

© 2012


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