Dark Voices Inside

“Heed to that noise
Piercing the ear drums
Searing the unconscious thoughts
Something is prowling inside
It will be released
This dream of a reality
Will become pure actualities
Starving that goodness
Drown the ability to care”

No, I will not let you in
I am stronger than you
Please, someone get it out
The dark voices inside me
Bursting to escape
I must hold on

“Shhhhh, relax the mind
Listen to friends
These words will not hurt
They will help grow
Festering a realistic image”

© 2012


Filed under Darkness, Dreams, Evil, Honesty, Loneliness, Passion

4 responses to “Dark Voices Inside

  1. ~L

    I related so much to the word here…. it’s a weird time for me to read this after the really weird dream I had last night…. it’s like I was suppose to read it …idk … sounds a bit crazy…

    …any way… very talented Blaque! I enjoyed it as always!


  2. Wonderful and spiritual poem. Very deep. It touches me.

  3. You think deeply and you have a poet’s spirit. Nice that you’re following my blog. Be glad to follow yours too and read your sensitive words.

    Take care.

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