Withering Life

Throughout the years we watch the days as they zoom by
Hoping, wishing, dreaming, and Imaging a future/present
Were a comfort is actualized
But father time is a well-known acquaintance
And is surly in your circle of friends
Some of us ignore it, assuming it will conceal itself
Others try to recover it
By changing the master piece God has bestowed upon us

But the truth is that we are withering
So embrace the familiarity of seasons
That travels unheard and unseen, never forget
The signs of things that will not diminish
Under the true adversities of this stage
Love doesn’t discriminate the age of us
It only reanimates the youth inside a beating heart
Creating an internal happiness

Feeling the sincere clasp of factual wanting
Warming the body’s center
Giving your humanity a peaceful understanding
That familiarity of one’s self
That will always be achieved with notice
Of the unprinted episodes of the being
Your history is still unscripted
Compelling the verses of your essence forever

© 2012


Filed under Guidance, Love, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

2 responses to “Withering Life

  1. hypercryptical

    Truly beautiful words – thank you.

    Anna :o]

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