From the Soul

I Manifest By: Nathen Jalani Taylor

As I extend my hands toward the heavens
I call upon the core that guides our spirits
Helping us ignore the shadows of the fallen legacy
Paving the way for a new generation of Gods of men
Pushing away the prophecies of a stolen culture
Retooling the mind of a powerful presence
Understanding the past, transforming the present
Rewriting a known future for lost souls
Supplying the recreated mind with passion of life
Striking the humanity’s inter energy
Defibrillating the cycle of worthiness
Crying to the super natural for a teacher
A presence that will open hearts of the misplaced
And engulf all the hatred from ignorance

Lengthening a hand to the emptiness of an singular
Crafting ideas of inseparability within this colony of organism
Migrating across the universe of reality
Manifesting a new conclusion of interactions
Educating the mentality as an entirety
Looking into each other for that reassurance of existence
Given our essence away freely
Helping all understand the urgency
That we can change the appearance of us
Discovering a fresh likeness of optimism
Loving each blemish only to correct the identity
Respecting the lurking doubt of our awareness
Pushing across lines for perfection
Molding a new mortality of rejoice

© 2012

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Filed under Guidance, Honesty, Love, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

One response to “From the Soul

  1. very thoughtful and eloquent words.

    Thanks for sharing.

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