Do you see the sorrow
My eyes are open
But you don’t see me
Only enjoying your personal agenda
Not understanding the togetherness
Of companionship, and I cry

© 2012


Filed under Honesty, Loneliness, Love, Pain, Passion

4 responses to “Neglected

  1. Honest, but painful. We’ve all gone through this at one time or another and I have come to the conclusion that keeping in these emotions can damage a body and soul; so release the pain, the emotions and let it all out in one big burst. The relief is tremendous and you can start afresh.
    Enjoyed reading this even though it was sad. There is such poetry in sadness and pain, use it to unburden yourself. Praying that you have a blessed week!

  2. Taylor

    honesty is good.

    keep sharing.

  3. why?

    shake it off, if this world has only one party and one single opinion, then it becomes boring,

    vivid description of the sentiments, happy rally.

  4. This is sad,


    sometimes, emotions have to be hidden to be able to enjoy once released,
    life is tricky, cheer up,

    Happy Rally.


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