Self Portrait


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is that man displayed
Relating the outer likeness perfectly
Posing as a reflection
Exhibiting in flawless detail

This depiction does not tell all
It is only one material
You cannot see the passion
That explodes from my essence
Touching someone’s presence

Physically, I stand elevated
Soaring above normal not giant like
My ancestors bestowed life
With great genes within my physique
Showing dominate strengths

Mentally, I appear prominent
Inscribing phrases to inspire souls
With words that yield an image
Massaging the minds of individuals
Entertaining the intellect

Spiritually, I allow truth
Opening my mind to every possibility
Accepting the authenticity of life
Shaping a better me
Demonstrating a beautiful being

Presenting my core to the world

© 2012

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Filed under Guidance, Honesty, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

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