Provide a Keen Cue

Hello all, this is a different form of poetry from me. I call it the duel in one; meaning that you can read the four stanzas left and right together or separate. I’ve written many poems like this one, but this is the first I have published. Thank you for taking the time visiting the blog of my mind. Please leave a comments and tell me what you think.

Gaze at the area
Touching the thoughts of all
Making you feel the influence
That everlasting energy
Glowing with the desires of a species

Its pitch black
The sight before your eyes is empty
Nothing appears
Fear begins to increase
The demand of being scare, terrified

Learning to become spiritual
Controlling bodies and minds
With words making people believe
Thinking they can understand their abilities
This stuff is not mystic

To stimulate is a form of greatness
Having the type of charisma
Empowers the masses
Tingling those inner aspirations
Giving you a cue

To become a better being
Your formal self, no more
Transforming your spirit to advance
Ascend to the heavens
That you have created on earth

With-in yourself trust
Imagine an enormous future
Togetherness by yourself
Forcing you to find a mirror
And correct the wrongs

Do not drown your bond
From things out of your control
Remember to be transcendent
Look down upon those who defy
Strike them down with might

Or with the motion
Of a strong wind
Your wind is those words
That emanate from your mouth
Being superior and educated

© 2012

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Filed under Duel in One, Guidance, Honesty, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

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