Duties of a True Angel

I am a bright shadow tracing the globe
Casting a light upon the entirety
I can feel myself slowly drifting
Dancing closer to the wisdom
My intrigue embraces someone lost
Fear should escape you
I’m the one that cares for isolated souls
Erasing the malicious overtone
Driving a wedge within you
Plastering enlightenment across your essence
Making you ready to be released
I have not forgotten your purpose

I am your guidance
Pushing your wanting ambiance forward
Observing your every step
Coaching you to be humble
Assisting you to understand the beauties of others
Giving your spirit persistence
To create a better self
Now smile for me,
Because I am your guardian
That beautiful voice
That sings sweet sonnets of truth

I have not forgotten your purpose

© 2012

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Filed under Guidance, Honesty, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Uplifting

One response to “Duties of a True Angel

  1. This poem is about how writing poetry is like sword fighting and battling for the imagination of a reader.

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