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We shall… Dance: Stage 1

Soft music is singing from the phonograph
Echoing throughout the hall
Raising a tingling to the ears
The body feels the vibrations of the notes
That beautiful soliloquy of sounds
Outlining the air waves with cheerful joy

The ballroom is decorated with pure linens
A shooting star is hanging from the ceiling
With crystals vibrating from every angle
Wax dripping from the candlelit wall sconces
As the lights slice through the ambiance
With a sunset characteristic

My back is straight and head up
Dressed in a white cravat and naval tailcoat
With fashionable trousers made from the skin of deer
Buckskin breeches accenting an entire Regency outfit
With shoes of gloss, gleaming
Clacking against the marble pavement

She is dressed in a lavish gown
With a beautiful pearl coated silk satin
Draped with a silk net,
Embroidered with gold metallic threads
Trimmed with blonde bobbin lace
And inner unbleached cotton, ivory skin shoes

The beauty that she exhibits
Touches the eye sockets
Bringing a smile to the memory
Of a glancing wanderer
The pupils pulsating from the glory of her
With a framework that pierces the heavens

The design of her beauty
Is like nectar to the essence
Saturating the belief of creation
As for I have dreamt of her suggestions
Of embellishing of my wanting
Because dancing with her will be a privilege

© 2013

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