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Filling My Void of Universe

I have often exercised my curiosity of purpose
Having sleepless night of subterranean thought
Analyzing every vague memory of my existence
Dancing with the ideas of my belongings
To this vast, infinite cycle of life
Hoping to have my name splattered across the stars
“I feel that I’m meant for greatest”

But it is so hard to trudge my essence!

Traveling back and forward like a nomad
But with a sound perseverance of everlasting spirit
Touching every individual with smiles of love
Happiness and acceptance of my gifts
Which I share freely
Because my soul will not let me ponder on
Guiding me towards the inevitable progression
Of a higher mind state and understanding

Craving out a permanent seat in the cosmos
Warrant the keenest discipline of self
Embodying the vitalities of the surrounding
Breathing in the knowledge of my past self
Creating new genetic code of awareness, flesh and spirit
Passing that inherited material into the future
Cleansing the path for an immediate transference
Into my void of the universe

© 2013

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