We Shall… Kiss: Stage 2

Staring into each other’s eyes
Igniting a fuse of passion burning in a wave of need
Never has it been seen, something so astonishing
Allowing miracles to form reality moments
Hearts stammer from the ingestion of splendor
As hands touch, the ridges from the fingertips
Imprint an act of nervousness coursing thought our being

Has God granted me my wish?
To have a creature so immaculate I shudder to understand
The deepest fibers of my soul is crying for her
Dreaming with anticipation for a union of lips
Imaging the two of us whispering hot and moist songs
Across a palette of tender openings of words
I must digress from showing her my obvious attentions

Has he known I have loved him from first sight?
The prestige of his build sends trimmers
A gentlemen, so accomplished I starve for his longing
Dreaming with anticipation for a union of lips
Thinking of him holding me, grasping my frame closely
Guiding my face to unify with his
I do not want to be forward with my inconsiderable ways

The harmony of the music forces intimacy
Which cannot be denied from the apparent attraction
As a turnabout, the room guarantees yearning
Two souls are fighting for each other
Where showing a lack of prosperity disgraces ones name
Struggling to uphold the traditions of an era
However, this love is strongest underneath the glow of the atmosphere

Canceling the awareness of the other patrons
The ballroom seems to only house a pair
Energized emotions are battling to bond with a touch
Increasing the chest rate of thumps
Cresting each other’s portrait with lite strokes
Cherishing every second being captivated with eyes
As the whispers become close destroying the space in-between

© 2013


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Filed under Dreams, Fantasy, Guidance, Honesty, Love, Passion, Poetry, Powerful, Romantic, Uplifting

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