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We Shall… Marry: Stage 3

Spring has eclipsed the surrounding foliage
Dressing the towering saplings with fresh clothing of green
Sounds travel as projectiles from the forest creatures
Euphoric melodies dash to drums of the ears
As the two sitting on a blanket enjoying each other
Accepting the gift to embrace new beginnings
Sipping the creation of crushed refined grapes
And sampling cultured milk cubes and baked grains
With plentiful giggles escaping, indulging locked pupils
Equips the body for the next endeavor

Time has been distributed through guided passions
Months have passed from the first touch of lips
Displaying an endless quantity of affection
Toward one another, expecting no return
The feelings that are relevant, surface effectively
As the outside world gaze upon true happiness
This romance has taken a turn for longevity
Understanding that no one’s existence is needed
Occupying the correct moment to merge two essences
With a question and union until God and Peers

“I don’t understand how the heavens can release her
An angel touching my principle of heart
Encapsulating the feelings of my yearning
Her spirit has sailed to the center of me
Paralyzing my ideas of singular deliberation
Requiring her to be a lifetime acquaintance”

“He has renovated my world
Dreaming of rising with this graceful suitor
Has persuaded my empathy of everlasting love
I am weak within his presence
No other knight can win this tournament
Fore he is my single true companion”

“I have traversed the globe seeking divinity as you
Praying for the blessing of loves messenger
To release you for me, I love, love, love you
You have bewitched me body and soul
I do not waver the natural effects of this
Marry me, fore you are my breathe
Marry me, fore you are my desire
Marry me, fore you are my core
Marry me”


© 2013

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