The Natural Beauty of Ocean Water

Many have their descriptions of beautiful liquid
Transcribing the imagery of the ocean is breathe taking
Not the calm and motionless water as many display
But a lively Ocean that dances about like a child yearning for attention
Having cloud shadows reflect upon the canvas of waves
Experiencing seaweed tiptoeing across the erratic surface
With the sky standing still, but is moving in a relax manner
Have a drink and admire God’s massive bathtub
Letting the soothing sounds of the aqua, wash away life’s stresses
Easing the mind into a reset of understanding
Sniffing in the breezes of the moisturized ocean air
Giving tremendous amounts of oxygen to the brain
Opening the mind to endless sensations of self-relaxation

© 2013

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Filed under Beautiful, Honesty, Love, Passion, Poetry, Uplifting

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