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Improving the Choices Made

At a certain age, we are unreachable
We consider ourselves mature
Thinking that every impression is a grand one
Not knowing that our consciousness effect all
In addition, we affect other lives around us
Pushing away reason and morality

Many believe this is a part of growing up
When those grand thoughts backfire
Feelings of being lost crowds the mind
Ignoring the inner voice of reason
Laughing at the tiny version of self
Telling the being to alter the path

The severe dilemma bestowed
Has the mind creating different approaches
Replaying the consequences selected
Understand that the future not been written
The upcoming theories will enhance self
Mapping out a fresh phase

Crafting an enriched non-fiction variety
Paving the way for the future descendants
Remembering life continues in motion
Do not allow a forgotten existence
Every soul has a void to fill in this cosmos
Achieving this is possible without losing self

Accepting these words above to discover
Believing in making altered decisions
Helping steer the common sense forward
Toward a renewed but improved self

© 2013

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