Mr. Blaque

“My name is Rufus Lacy. I am an intercity child, born and raised on Chicago Westside (Garfield Park), as a youth I spend the summers in Money, Mississippi working on my grandparent’s farm and playing in the woods behind their house. Being the youngest of 4 and 4 years from the next child I spend allot of time alone. I learned to use my imagination too have some grand independent adventures. I started drawing at the age of 6 and improve my craft as the years passed. My mind open up when I went to college for art at Iowa State. This change exposed me to a different environment, helping me understand that the world is bigger than that 4 block radius I roamed as a kid. When I started writing I never knew how to gather my words into images that people can understand. I continue to write to find my niche; it hit me like a bolt of lightning that I must write as I draw. I must create images with my words describing adventures and engulfing the reader’s imagination as I allowed my imagination to take me through the adventures I had as a child. Now I believe I am allowing the world to see how my writing can influence the mind and soul, as well as compose the essence of presence shaping one’s state of being. Writing to me is opening a world to individuals who lack the ability to image situations be it positive or negative.”

Tell me what you think.

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