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Hole In the Wall

Thump, Thump
As the music goes
From corner to corner
Making the sounds
Feeling the waves
Of the speakers
I hear it
I’m about two decades behind
But I still feel the vibe

Now I remember
How I was raised
It sounds new to me
And I respect my heritage
That lovely culture
I am a creature
A monster with soul
Running through my veins
The liquid of passion by
From a tune
That instrument
Is in my heart

I love the pleasure
Of the thump thump
From the speakers
That vibrate waves of power
It’s a medicine
That heals my being
That moves my hips
Changing the pace
Of my legs
That’s what I feel
When I’m in the
Hole in the wall

© 2014

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I Reached the Center of You

“My name is ecstasy and you are.”
“I am curious”
“Is that short for curiosity”
“Why, yes it is”

We met by my introduction to you, on a passing
Your bashfulness of a response intrigued me
With your beautiful variety of sweet candies
Sampling your desires fog my mind with naughty images
Of me dancing my fingertips across your atmosphere
Causing your skin to thirst for ecstasy, (ME)

You are my true curiosity of pleasure
Planning an assault to murder your temptations
By luring you in my web of soft butterfly kisses
Starting with your neck
Whilst I remove the modern stitching draping your body
Exposing your natural physique of perfect curves

Those continuous kisses yearn to satisfy across your breast
As I tour to your navel, I re-moisten my tongue and lips
So that you can feel the tingle of fresh saliva connecting with skin
The closer I get, you separate your limbs at the knees
Inviting my whispers to savor your newly formed nectar
I will not hesitate stroking your soft peach folds

You began thrusting your hips forward
Causing you to clutch the bed linens with tight fists
As the songs of sex, escape your mouth
Your eyes tighten as I re-position my lather for a deeper taste
Changing your hands to grasp my cranium
With sturdier songs of sex, Escapes

Holding back is no longer an option
As you, wave your body to my rhythm
Understanding me French kissing your honey
Induces a rather thunderous feeling
Overtaking your curiosity
Letting ecstasy (ME) reach the center of you

© 2013


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